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Autumn in Hokkaido

Another pair of earrings inspired by a family trip to Japan, but this time in autumn! This family loves Japan so much that they went back the following year. We based the piece on some of the pictures sent from his trip, featuring the cottage houses and sceneries in Hokkaido.

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Landmarks in Amsterdam

This was our first ever commissioned pair of earrings. The story behind this pair of earrings was of a daughter who wanted to bring her mum to Amsterdam at the end of the year but is unsure of it happening in times of COVID-19. Hence, we were requested to make something surrounding the landscape of the city to bring Amsterdam to her mum instead. Having been there and completely loving it as well, we based the earrings on what Amsterdam is famous for - their canals, bridges and canal houses! 

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Cherry Blossom in Japan

The first country that our customer and her mum travelled to together. This pair of earrings features Mount Fuji and a classic Japanese shopfront in one of the loveliest seasons!

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Hampstead Heath in London

A refreshing piece featuring the meadows and landscape at Hampstead Heath in London. Having seen old photos of her mom there when her mom was studying in London, we were requested to make a piece inspired by this lovely green space. A simple yet lovely gift for her mother to reminisce on her years spent there!

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