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The City of York in UK

“... based on the city of York in UK. :) It's a special place because that was where I spent 6 months on exchange last year, and also because my mother flew over to join me during my last few weeks there. I really wanted to show her the place because it was so beautiful, and even though she hates long haul flights, she made the trip down just to fulfil this wish of mine.” This is truly such a sweet story and I really hope the mum reminisces about this wonderful adventure she went on with her daughter in a foreign place.

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Of Cloudy Skies

A very simple request of wanting “cloud wisps or mist” and “simple yet reminiscent of cloudy skies”. The design was also translated to simple blue background with textured clouds. I was thinking the best thing to have and add a pop of colour in contrast to a cool blue sky was some bright colours flowers!

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A Watercolor Painting

Walking past my mum's study table everyday, I can't help but take peak at all the watercolour pieces that she has done. In the past few years, my mom has been self-learning watercolor painting and her floral paintings have improved over the years. With the Mother's Day Custom Challenge, I took this opportunity to make something close to one of her paintings that she had done that week and I must say both her and I really loved the outcome of it!

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