To replace studs with 925 Silver posts or Clip-Ons

About Us

Helloooo! 🌻
We're Hui Yin and Yee Ting! 
The number 11-55 ("eleven-fiftyfive") holds a special place in our hearts because #11-55 was the first room that we shared together back in Freshmore year, where we had SO MUCH fun. When we were in the same class, we were inseparable and people often said that we were the #11-55 girls that were seen together everywhere. We were also notably the roommates who had issues waking up despite our infinite number of snoozed alarms every single morning.
As roomies, we have been constantly making the effort to try out new things over the years! From the mountains to the seas, we've traveled to so many places together all over the world and have pushed each other out of each other's comfort zone to really experience life to its fullest. Making polymer clay earrings was one of the many things we tried since we are both lovers of handicrafts and aesthetic decorative items. 11fivefive was built on the idea of making affordable clay earrings for our friends at $11.55. Our creations are often a reflection of our personalities or memories and every piece of earring is unique and thoughtfully crafted. We hope you love our earrings as much as we enjoy making them!