11fivefive Basic Starter Set

11fivefive Basic Starter Set

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This set includes:
Small Arch (16mm x 20mm)
Big Arch (20mm x 32mm)
Small Halfmoon (12mm x 24mm)
Big Halfmoon (20mm x 40mm)
Jewel (20mm x 28mm)
Granite (16mm x 26mm)
Straight Rainbow (25mm x 28mm)
Curve Rainbow (25mm x 32mm)

3D printed Cutter with a cutting edge of approx. 0.5mm. 
Material: PLA 

- Sizes may accurate to the nearest 1mm. With conditioned clay, cut out clay will require minimal sanding. 
- Clay may stain the cutting edges of the cutter, please maintain the cutters by cleaning them with a slightly damp tissue/ cloth after use. 
- Colour of cutter may vary based on availability of material.

** Limited quantities available!